Granite Countertops


Granite is always a great way to go with countertops. Granite is a natural stone that has formed over millions of years. Not one slab is just like another. Veins may run through the whole slab, or it may be a tighter over all grain depending on your preference.  Each piece has a luminous look. The solid surface offers a tough durable counter for you to work on and it offers a sanitary work station for preparing your food. It is very hard to scratch, so feel free to keep your cutting board in the cabinet. It can take the heat of a hot pan that just came out of the oven. It is also very easy to wipe clean. It adds value to your home that will never depreciate. It is almost impossible to find the luxurious look of granite with any other material. We can always find a beautiful piece to match your décor and taste. We can tear out and have it installed at your convenience.