Real Wood Flooring

There is no other material that can give you the look and warmth of wood. The natural grain patterns and color variations offer a truly one of a kind floor. With so many options in species, plank widths, finishes, and installation techniques, you will be sure to find the right wood at Byrd & Cook.

The most common product in our area is the engineered wood plank. This means that there are layers of wood adhered together in opposite directions with your wear layer on top. These opposing layers allow the wood to expand and contract with our daily changing weather. The wear layer is the species of wood that you will see and walk on. This is very important because the thickness of your top wear layer will usually determine the quality of the product. Do not confuse this with laminate, which is a particleboard with a picture of wood laminated on the surface.

Different species of wood offer different colors and grain patterns as well as hardness. Wood is a natural product and while it will continue to harden over time, there are three things you need to remember: Wood will scratch. Wood will dent. Wood will change color over time. Accepting these characteristics of your real wood floor will only make you love them more over time.

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